Thanks for the memories

I’ve had this huge memorabilia box for years. It’s moved with me to every house I’ve lived in for the past 15 years, continuously filling it with things, things that I haven’t looked at for months, even years at a time.


Why though?

Why am I holding on to these things? What purpose do they serve?

I can’t even give you a valid reason for keeping them. Therefore there is no good reason to keep them.

I remember an episode of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ where her Aunts were clearing out the loft, I think, and they were arguing about what to get rid of.  Zelda told Hilda that if she found a use for these items within the week then she could keep them. I’m pretty sure one of these items was a mace. Hilda was then seen later on in the episode using it to tenderise meat…

My point here is that if I find something in the cupboard under the stairs that hasn’t been used in months it will go, unless a use can be found within the next week.

This mainly applies to things that I’ve put away, waiting for the right time to use them.

There are many things in the memory box that I will not ever part with. For instance this cute little valentines message from my son…


I also have every card I was sent when Christopher was born and all from his 1st birthday and every card my Mum has ever sent me.



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