How to survive..A day out

I love a good day out, to the park, a museum, the beach. I’m not the biggest fan of people. People can be the total ruin of my day! I’m making progress though..I’d say that I like at least 3 more people now than I did this time last year šŸ˜€

Here’s 5 “rules” I follow for any occasion!

  1. Practice your ‘Hi!, we’re having a great time’ smile for every single person you come across. You’ll soon spot the other fakers. Over-enthusiastic grins and wide crazy eyes! Something like this…
    Image result for crazy eyes
  2. Cram your pockets and bag with snacks and drinksĀ that you won’t eat or drink because everyone wants over-priced bottles of water and ice-cream.
  3. Don’t forget to re-mortgage your house beforehand so you can buy the water and ice-cream.
  4. A dash of rum in your bottle of coke is acceptable.A hip flask would be cooler but tends to draw some unwanted attention…police, social workers, judgmental do-gooders.
  5. Remember Garth having a good time…he kept his cool…


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