Ducks and Doggles

I will not ever, ever choose between ducks and dogs. It just cannot ever happen.

For a start they are both adorably cute and secondly they are hilarious! You’ve seen ducks walk? Well, waddle. It’s quite possibly one of the most entertaining things ever.

Also they are just tiny dinosaurs so you’ve got to love them.

Duck facts

  1. Ducks are found on every continent except Antarctica.
  2. The collective term for ducks is a raft.
  3. Most male ducks are silent.
  4. ‘Donald Ducks’ middle name is ‘Fauntleroy’.
  5. Ducks feet have no nerves or blood vessels, meaning their feet don’t feel the cold.

Doggies, doggles, pooches, dogglingtons, little squishy baby’s.

These are names I use when I see a doggy.

I just want to squish their noses.

I am that person who doesn’t care that your dog is slobbering all over me. I don’t care that your dog is soaked and covered in mud. They could jump all over me in my wedding dress!

That dog is obviously excited to see me and needs cuddles, who am I to tell it no?

Doggles are beautiful, intelligent animals and I want to give them all of the cuddles!

Dog facts

  1. The ‘Basenji’ dog is known as the ‘bark-less dog’, but they do yodel!
  2. Dogs poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field…
  3. The Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, is a dog named Duke.
  4. Doggies can detect if a human is about to have a seizure.
  5. In The Beatles song ‘A Day In The Life’ there is a whistle that can only be heard by dogs.

I love the dogs and the ducks ♥∞


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