We should meet for a coffee.


What are you feeling guilty about right now?

And I don’t mean the body hidden under the patio, we’ll get to that later.

Is it because Nicola from your old work place caught you off guard in the supermarket and said you should meet up for a coffee soon and you absentmindedly said;

“Yes, that would be lovely”

You were only being nice, you and Nicola were never really that close, she was just someone you spoke to at work.

What would you really have to say to each other outside of work?

You do realise that you don’t really have to go and have coffee with her? Or with anyone ever. Do you even like coffee? I don’t, it makes me wee smell like Sugar-puffs.

‘Meeting up for a coffee’ is just something people say to be polite. I have to admit it’s not something I say very often and if I do it’s usually heartfelt and I will actually arrange to go for coffee with you ( a cup of tea in my case…Sugar-puffs).

If someone asks me and they actually set a place, date and time or course Ill go, I’m not rude! But I won’t be chasing up those ‘dates’ that were said on a whim.

And neither should you. Don’t feel compelled to do anything.

“We should catch up, get a drink etc…” Most of the time people are just being polite and probably don’t expect to actually meet up. In fact they’re probably thinking;

“Oh bollocks, I don’t actually know what to say to this person that I’ve only spoken to a handful of times. I know, lets arrange a get together so it can equally as awkward! Where we’ll having nothing to say to each other and we’ll both just burn our tongues on over-priced coffees as we try our best to escape this hell”

So,… yeah, don’t feel guilty for not arranging that “coffee”. You’ve got enough to do, such as worrying about that body under the patio ๐Ÿ˜‰

Published by Kate

I write, therefore I am. I spend my days writing, wondering what to write, being creative and generally being awesome ๐Ÿ˜Š Welcome to my world, won't you come on in? xx

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