The one where you just can’t believe it…

Friends is in the top 10 of my all time favourite programmes, I was at one time, completely obsessed.

There are times when I think back to some of the episodes and cannot understand why they did what they did though.

At the time of watching I was completely naïve, I didn’t really know anything about relationships, I probably thought I did and to be honest I probably learnt a lot of useless s**t from their destructive ways.

I just adored the characters and I know it wasn’t real life, it was hilarious and fun. As much as I shouted at the TV for Ross and Rachel to stay together, the only relationships that made sense were Chandler and Monica and Phoebe and Mike. That was true love right there.

I may get lynched for saying this but Ross and Rachel should not be together. They don’t belong, it’s an explosive relationship that is only heading for disaster. If you keep splitting up with your partner it’s because you shouldn’t be together. The only reason you keep getting back together is because you’re both desperate and don’t want to be alone!

I understand now why my Mum just didn’t ‘get it’, mainly because the whole thing was so unbelievable. Their reactions to situations were slightly off, I know it had to be entertaining but the whole ‘we were on a break’ debacle really irritates me now.

These moments make me wonder what Friends would have been like if social media had been around back then…

It would have been all over Facebook that Rachel had left Barry at the altar and Monica would be judgy as f**k.

All 6 of them would be getting sued by ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ because they’d be filming him and uploading it to YouTube, although he’d probably become an overnight sensation, he’d be a millionaire YouTube star, buy Monica’s apartment block, kick them out and enslave them in his apartment!

Joey would break the internet with an abundance of desperate female friend requests and male too I suppose!

You know for a fact that ‘the hot girl from the Xerox place’ would have been live tweeting from Ross’ apartment when Rachel turned up.

Half of the episodes story-lines wouldn’t even get going because they’d be splashed across social media quicker than you could say “pivot”!

I will continue with my love of this highly ridiculous, completely unbelievable bit of tele and I almost certainly will return to it when I need a good laugh.

I think this quote from Roger sums it all up perfectly! 😉

“Actually it’s, it’s quite, y’know, typical behavior when you have this kind of dysfunctional group dynamic. Y’know, this kind of co-dependent, emotionally stunted, sitting in your stupid coffee house with your stupid big cups which, I’m sorry, might as well have nipples on them, and you’re like all ‘Oh, define me! Define me! Love me, I need love!'”


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2 thoughts on “The one where you just can’t believe it…

  1. Haha! This post brought me so much joy! I loved friends, and totally agree Rachel and Ross do not belong together! Though I also think monica and richard belong together

    1. Aww they did so much! I love Monica and Richard but I also love the episode where Chandler “machos” up to him and that wouldn’t have happened if they’d stayed together lol

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