My A-Z of stuff.

I don’t really know where this post is going…I just thought an A-Z of myself would be fun.

A is for anxiety and not letting it consume me.

B is for the unread books that gather dust upon my shelves

C is for my new edition, the adorable kittus cattus.

D is for ducks and their dinosaur like ways.

E is for “ee by gum..I’ll go to foot of are stairs”, because I’m from Yorkshire.

F is for “Friends” and my serious addiction.

G is for gleba.

H is for having never ridden a horse. (Have done this since!)

I is for; Me, Myself and I and how important it is to be a little bit selfish sometimes.

J is for Jenga…because it has been staring at me whilst I wrote this post.


K is for “I went to the zoo yesterday and now I’m a koala”.

L is for llama and how much I want to be a llama farmer…

M is for meditation. I don’t do it as often as I should even though I know how beneficial it is.

N is for boopable noses!

O is for “Oh my god look at that squishy little puppy nose/kitten paw/fluffy bunny bum/stupid goat face” and anything else cute and squishy!

P is for pancakes! I love pancakes 😀

Q is for Quetzalcoatl. I thought I’d give you something to Google…

R is for really never knowing what on earth I am doing…

S is for singing, one of the ways in which I choose to express myself.

T is for travel. I want to go everywhere! Everywhere!

U  is for Usher’s hands, how creepy are those things?! Eugh!

V  is for vampires and my strange desire to be one…

W is for walking, one of my most favourite things to do.

X  is for Xmas and how much I despise Christmas being unnecessarily being shortened to Xmas.

Y  is for Yemen, if you get it, you get it.

Z  is for zombies and my irrational fear of them. (The zombie apocalypse is coming, Dad!)

Lose your good name – regain it – it’s never the same again. – Irish proverb.


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