Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s (nearly) Christmas!! It’s December which means you can officially get excited about Christmas! Santa, trees, reindeer, turkey, champagne for breakfast (I’m not here to be judged). And presents! I love finding that perfect gift for someone, knowing they will actually adore it and will forever remember that Christmas when someone bought them something theyContinue reading “Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas”

Where do we go?

As someone who suffers with anxieties and the odd panic attack, I often have strange thoughts running around my head, things such as; “How many times do I check the door is locked before it actually becomes locked?” “Have my hair straighteners magically plugged themselves in, switched themselves on and are now burning through myContinue reading “Where do we go?”

We should meet for a coffee.

What are you feeling guilty about right now? And I don’t mean the body hidden under the patio, we’ll get to that later. Is it because Nicola from your old work place caught you off guard in the supermarket and said you should meet up for a coffee soon and you absentmindedly said; “Yes, thatContinue reading “We should meet for a coffee.”

Just a reminder!

I’ve done a bucket list post before, in fact I may have even done two but who’s counting and who says I can only have one bucket list anyway? A big major must-do for me is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I am obsessed. I just love the challenge that comes with it. It wouldContinue reading “Just a reminder!”

Ducks and Doggles

I will not ever, ever choose between ducks and dogs. It just cannot ever happen. For a start they are both adorably cute and secondly they are hilarious! You’ve seen ducks walk? Well, waddle. It’s quite possibly one of the most entertaining things ever. Also they are just tiny dinosaurs so you’ve got to loveContinue reading “Ducks and Doggles”

How to survive..A day out

I love a good day out, to the park, a museum, the beach. I’m not the biggest fan of people. People can be the total ruin of my day! I’m making progress though..I’d say that I like at least 3 more people now than I did this time last year 😀 Here’s 5 “rules” IContinue reading “How to survive..A day out”

How to survive…your ‘customer facing’ job role.

‘Just remember, these people pay your wages’ Those words are neither helpful nor entirely accurate. Yes okay if the customer base wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be a job, however you wouldn’t have been given that job in the first place because it wouldn’t have existed… I was going somewhere with this but I lost it.Continue reading “How to survive…your ‘customer facing’ job role.”

Thanks for the memories

I’ve had this huge memorabilia box for years. It’s moved with me to every house I’ve lived in for the past 15 years, continuously filling it with things, things that I haven’t looked at for months, even years at a time. Why though? Why am I holding on to these things? What purpose do theyContinue reading “Thanks for the memories”