Ducks and Doggles

I will not ever, ever choose between ducks and dogs. It just cannot ever happen. For a start they are both adorably cute and secondly they are hilarious! You’ve seen ducks walk? Well, waddle. It’s quite possibly one of the most entertaining things ever. Also they are just tiny dinosaurs so you’ve got to loveContinue reading “Ducks and Doggles”

Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)

Art by PMW Paul is very much the Benedict Cumberbatch of the art world. Not conventionally good looking but there’s something strangely alluring about him… I stumbled across Paul completely by accident about a year ago. He made a hilarious comment in regards to something that Radio 2 had posted and I thought, “Well thisContinue reading “Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)”

Who Is Holly Matthews?

Holly Matthews is an actress, blogger, vlogger, Mumpreneur, self-confessed hustler and all around good guy. Although Holly’s job title may have changed many times she was first employed as an actress at the tender age of 11. She starred in some of Britain’s favourite shows such as, Byker Grove, Waterloo Road, The Bill, Doctors andContinue reading “Who Is Holly Matthews?”

My New Year Tradition.

I have a New Year tradition which started about 10 or 11 years ago. A friend and I pick a date in January and head off on a walk, wander or if we’re feeling brave, a hike. It started with a blustery climb up Pen-Y-Ghent back in 2011 (I think). It was blowing a gale,Continue reading “My New Year Tradition.”

Love, death and survival

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of my dreams…. The sidewalk seemed like a good a place as any to sit down and wait for my Mum to call. And Yes I mean sidewalk, I was in New York City after all. I propped my tablet up on its inflatable stand and settled downContinue reading “Love, death and survival”

A snippet of history…

I was lucky to have two sets of Grandparents growing up, Nana Lil and Grandad Ted, (my Dad’s parents) they lived with us, so I got to spend as much time as I possibly could with them. And then I had Nana Cora and Grandad Stan (my Mum’s parents). I didn’t see them as oftenContinue reading “A snippet of history…”

Just a quick one…

I’m not going to lie I am totally unprepared for this weeks blog… hence why it’s being posted so late… I’ve been away this weekend and so Friday was a mad rush to get my vlog and song posted, plus an audition video filmed and “regular” work to complete too. Then pack etc, have aContinue reading “Just a quick one…”