• Reduce, re-use, recycle: Handy tips for a healthier future.

    Reduce, re-use, recycle: Handy tips for a healthier future.

    I would absolutely love being one of those environmentalist, tree dwellers, living off the land, up-cycling bits of old furniture, no waste etc. No stress, no fuss. However lets get real, it’s not happening anytime soon and I’m pretty sure Christopher would miss his PS4 after the first hour, Chris would freak out without aContinue… Read more

  • Top 10 Holiday Destinations

    Top 10 Holiday Destinations

    I hope you didn’t come here looking for some big shot recommendation, although I am kind of big deal… 😉 I love a good holiday, who doesn’t? I don’t really have a favourite holiday type. Anything that means I don’t have to clean my house for a few days or do any washing is good enoughContinue… Read more

  • The one where you just can’t believe it…

    The one where you just can’t believe it…

    Friends is in the top 10 of my all time favourite programmes, I was at one time, completely obsessed. There are times when I think back to some of the episodes and cannot understand why they did what they did though. At the time of watching I was completely naïve, I didn’t really know anythingContinue… Read more

  • “Respect your elders”

                                                                            ‘Respect should be earned, not expected’ Getting children to do as they are told is something we enforce asContinue… Read more

  • Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

    It’s (nearly) Christmas!! It’s December which means you can officially get excited about Christmas! Santa, trees, reindeer, turkey, champagne for breakfast (I’m not here to be judged). And presents! I love finding that perfect gift for someone, knowing they will actually adore it and will forever remember that Christmas when someone bought them something theyContinue… Read more

  • Where do we go?

    Where do we go?

    As someone who suffers with anxieties and the odd panic attack, I often have strange thoughts running around my head, things such as; “How many times do I check the door is locked before it actually becomes locked?” “Have my hair straighteners magically plugged themselves in, switched themselves on and are now burning through myContinue… Read more