MAHOOI – Podcast

My podcast is taking a bit of a hiatus at the moment, and it will be back later in the year with an exciting change!

Made A Hames Out Of It is an ‘as and when’ podcast that takes a relatively shallow dive into some curses, disasters, mishaps and mayhem. And those inevitable time when we screw up royally! Want to feel better about yourself? Listen to ‘Made A Hames Out If It’ and be thankful you weren’t on the Titanic or you’ve never cracked open a cursed mummy tomb!

Click the link and it will take you to my Anchor profile where you can leave me voice messages!

Suggestions are always welcome and I will most definitely be reading out any messages I receive, the weirder the better! If you don’t fancy leaving me a message just scroll down to send me a message!

Listen to the MAHOOI trailer below.

If you’ve ever ‘made a hames out of it’, I’d love to know and share them on the show! And I’m always looking for future episode suggestions, so if you know of any curses, disasters, mysteries or mayhem, please get in touch!

We’d love to feature you or your product on the podcast. If you think we could work well together then please use the form below to contact me in regards to sponsorship opportunities.