Who Is Holly Matthews?

Holly Matthews is an actress, blogger, vlogger, Mumpreneur, self-confessed hustler and all around good guy. Although Holly’s job title may have changed many times she was first employed as an actress at the tender age of 11. She starred in … Continue reading Who Is Holly Matthews?

Who’s That Girl? It’s Leila Kotori!

Leila Kotori, Leila Kotori, Leila Kotori. Have I said it enough times? Just once more…Leila Kotori. It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? And so it should! This girl is set for stardom. Ready to take the world by storm. Leila started performing at a young age, acting and dancing. She decided she was going to be an actress, she wanted fame, fortune and everything that came with it. Unfortunately the dreaded teenage doubts kicked in and she thought maybe she needed to get a “proper job”. Leila’s dream of becoming an actress was pushed to the back of … Continue reading Who’s That Girl? It’s Leila Kotori!