Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)

Art by PMW Paul is very much the Benedict Cumberbatch of the art world. Not conventionally good looking but there’s something strangely alluring about him… I stumbled across Paul completely by accident about a year ago. He made a hilarious comment in regards to something that Radio 2 had posted and I thought, “Well this guy is obviously going places one day, lets check out who he is” And that is how I inadvertently found his art page. Sounds a bit stalkery, probably is, but I’m helping to promote him so he can’t really complain. More recently I made an … Continue reading Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)

A Creative Genius

Hannah is this beautiful tiny little woman who loves in Texas with her handsome Englishman husband. Hannah runs a shop, Coffee Scribbles, on Etsy where she sells her amazing eclectic artwork. Her quirky one off pieces are the next thing you need to put in your house right now! From sketches of sexy pin-ups to crocheted blankets of the TARDIS. There is nothing this lady can’t make fantastic, hand her a piece of paper and she’ll give you back a masterpiece. Hannah very kindly took some time out from her creative genius to answer some random questions for me… 1. Do … Continue reading A Creative Genius