Nature vs Nurture?

Just stop being a miserable t**twaffle…   A long running argument in the world of psychology is Nature vs Nurture. The debate is focused on whether or not our attitudes, principals, morals etc, our core good or bad is naturally ingrained or we learn that behaviour. Is it as simple as you’re either a good person or a bad person? Some people argue that the way we behave, our attitudes, principles, morals etc are natural and then the other side of the argument is that you’re basically born as a clean slate and you’re nurtured in to the way you … Continue reading Nature vs Nurture?

Role Models

Do we choose our role models or do our role models choose us? Is there something in our sub-conscious mind that seeks out a certain kind of person? Is it already predetermined that we are going to be a specific type of person or are our behaviours and connections learned early on? Do we already know who we are on a subconscious level, we just don’t “know” it yet? There are obviously reasons why we are drawn to specific people. The way they dress, or portray themselves, their jewellery, mannerisms, make-up. Something about them triggers something in you and you … Continue reading Role Models