Northumberland Day Two

It just so happened that our weekend away fell on the same weekend as my boyfriend’s Mum’s birthday and she happened to be with us. It was therefore only fitting that we should eat cake… Let there be so much cake! The Corner House Cafe is most definitely the place you need to go forContinue reading “Northumberland Day Two”

Happy Woofday and donkeys…

I had a dream come true on Tuesday when I got to spend a couple of hours surrounded by doggles. Foxy is my Mum’s dog, they rescued him just over a year ago and my Mum has succeeded in turning him in to a loveable looney. The 1st of August is Foxy’s birthday, he turnedContinue reading “Happy Woofday and donkeys…”

Plain and simple

My favourite flavour of crisps is plain, ready salted. Some people might read that and think of it as being boring. Whereas I look at it as the place where I can control the chaos that is my life and by chaos I mean freaking awesomeness! My life is filled with appointments, days out, meals,Continue reading “Plain and simple”

And all that jazz!

Well, well, well… it’s been a busy couple of weeks. My poor little poorly baby was struck down with an evil ear infection, which resulted in both ear drums being perforated! (Ouch) Not content with that, he then fancied a quick trip to A&E after having an asthma attack! A full recovery has been madeContinue reading “And all that jazz!”