Budget Mum’s to the rescue!

Clare Curran created Budget Mum’s because she knows that there’s more to life than having to worry about what to cook for tea or how to enjoy the school holidays without breaking the bank. Let me set the scene for you… It’s the school holidays (again) and you realise that in among the drama that is your life you have completely forgotten to plan things to occupy your little darling angels. Instead of forking out extortionate amounts of money on days out and McDonald’s bribes then why not check out what Budget Mum’s has for you instead 🙂 Clare’s website, … Continue reading Budget Mum’s to the rescue!

I do…

The man of your dreams has asked you to marry him. You’ve said yes, everything is wonderful and now you get to do the fun part of planning the big day! You decide on a budget and think you’re being super smart because secretly you’ve been planning this forever and you know exactly what you want. You have an ‘essential list’. Dress Grooms suit Flowers Photographer Venue And you think ‘Yeah, I’ve got this. I can keep this well below £7,000’. Then you remember that you haven’t looked at rings yet. Do you have your wedding night lingerie? Shoes? Who’s … Continue reading I do…

My teenager and money

A few days ago I posted about my son and his financial knowledge. I included a diagram of my bank account activity and promised to enlighten you all with a follow-up regarding his insight and opinion… First and foremost I managed to coax him out of his room with promises of hot chocolate and pieces of chocolate orange. I also promised to not keep him away from GTA v for longer than 20 minutes. I sat him down, unravelled the diagram and was ready to met with gasps and ‘woahs’. The sort that conveyed his shock and bewilderment at just how … Continue reading My teenager and money

Does your teenager know the real value of money?

I spoke to my 13-year-old son the other day about learning the value of money. My Dad used to say this to me when I was younger every time I asked for some money for the shop and I always thought “Well, I know the value of money” whilst looking down in to my hand. “that one’s 10p, that one’s 50p, the shiny gold ones are worth £1 and the paper ones are the most valuable” His words were clearly lost on me. After many years and sleepless nights worrying about how I could budget my outgoings, I seem to, … Continue reading Does your teenager know the real value of money?