The canal is my friend…so what.

  I wouldn’t ordinarily be on the canal in the dark because it is a rather scary place, however on this particular day I had walked in to Shipley and didn’t take in to account that it would be getting dark by the time I walked home…   But! I was brave and I didn’t die…yay! So I apologise for the very picture heavy post but I feel that my experience of the scary canal at dusk should be shared with you people and has nothing to do with the fact that I have had zero time to actually write … Continue reading The canal is my friend…so what.

Some walking, a steam train and the 1940’s

Some people are filled with dread when they hear the words “The in-laws are coming to stay” For me it’s the complete opposite. I adore Chris’ Mum. She is wonderful, we get on, we have a laugh and I really enjoy her company. So on the rare occasion that we do get to spend time together it’s awesome! We spent a wonderful relaxing weekend, eating yummy things, drinking prosecco, watching Criminal Minds, Doctor Who. We even found time to go exploring through Bingley woods, along the canal and back along the river. We met herons, ducks, geese, bunnies cows and … Continue reading Some walking, a steam train and the 1940’s

Bingley Walking Festival 2017

What better way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday than with a stroll along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal in Bingley. Taking in the surrounding beauty along the way and of course the Five Rise Locks. The Family Walk was part of Bingley Walking Festival 2017. Walkers are definitely welcome in Bingley and there’s plenty of reasons to see why. We have the bustling canal stretching out towards Leeds or Liverpool, filled with fellow walkers, cyclists, runners. You name it they’re there. The beautiful woods up at St Ives and for slightly more rugged terrain we have moorland stretching out over the tops of Bingley out … Continue reading Bingley Walking Festival 2017