Love, death and survival

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of my dreams…. The sidewalk seemed like a good a place as any to sit down and wait for my Mum to call. And Yes I mean sidewalk, I was in New York … Continue reading Love, death and survival

Lots of fur babies!

I’ve always had animals in my life. I think a home isn’t a home without a little fur baby. There were definitely many cats when I was little, the most we had at the same time, I think was six. I’m pretty sure most of them were adopted. Here’s the ones I can remember the names of; Thomas Thomas Beauty Beauty Bambi Chloe Cleo Tammy James C-fer Trevor Tigger Kye We had doggles too! Sheba Maddy Zeke Dexter We’ve had fish; Sonic Tails Tom Tom Tom Tom Jerry Iron Man Thor (I haven’t accidentally repeated myself, we did have four … Continue reading Lots of fur babies!

The Weekend

Aaah another Bank Holiday weekend, what a treat. Well no not really, it’s pretty much just like any other weekend. Chris works Bank Holidays Mondays usually and up until about a year ago I always did too. I think this is the quietest weekend I have until the 21st of July. I’m not complaining, I love having things going on, outings, meals, trips away. That’s what life is about isn’t it? Enjoying yourself! This weekend has been rather uneventful but nice and relaxed. Christopher was at his Dad’s so that meant it was quiet, there was no washing to do … Continue reading The Weekend

Plain and simple

My favourite flavour of crisps is plain, ready salted. Some people might read that and think of it as being boring. Whereas I look at it as the place where I can control the chaos that is my life and by chaos I mean freaking awesomeness! My life is filled with appointments, days out, meals, weekends away, meeting friends, spending time with family and I love it. I could not have it any other way. I love being busy, I like having somewhere to go and something to do. Especially at a weekend. My week days are filled with work, … Continue reading Plain and simple