Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s (nearly) Christmas!! It’s December which means you can officially get excited about Christmas! Santa, trees, reindeer, turkey, champagne for breakfast (I’m not here to be judged). And presents! I love finding that perfect gift for someone, knowing they will actually adore it and will forever remember that Christmas when someone bought them something they loved. Possibly something that they’ve never been bought before, something unique, different, maybe even a bit quirky… Well I have everything you need right here… well not everything but some things, or at least some good ideas for things that your peoples might like… Make … Continue reading Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

‘All I want for Christmas…’

        “What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?”   My answer to that would quite simply be, nothing 🙂 I’m trying to make my life as easy and simple as possible. My brain holds on to trauma and stress as though it’s oxygen, therefore I am looking to control other things that are not needed. My thought process is along the lines of ‘less stuff, less stress‘. One of the things that takes up my precious life time (that’s time I spend having a life) is tidying up and cleaning. The less stuff I have, the less … Continue reading ‘All I want for Christmas…’