My guide to Interviews

Applying You’ve been trawling the job sites, Job Centre Plus, Indeed, CV Library etc, you’ve found a few that sound good, a couple sound perfect, you may have even found the one that sounds so damn amazing that you know … Continue reading My guide to Interviews

Coping, not cured.

      I have anxiety and PTSD. I have these things due to instances, events and traumas that have occurred during my life. They have caused parts of my brain to break and they might not ever knit back together properly. That’s okay though. I may never be ‘cured’ but I’m learning to cope. My light bulb moment came to me very recently, regarding how my life is just how it should be for now. I have known this before but it’s very difficult to accept it sometimes. You get angry and frustrated at things very easily because of … Continue reading Coping, not cured.

Happy Thoughts

I was in such a bad mood yesterday and everything was annoying me. I don’t know if it’s because I was tired, I’m missing Christopher or just ‘one of those days’. Then Facebook was hindering my productivity by making things difficult. All in all I was annoyed. I was pondering about today’s blog post and thought it wold be a good idea to just write a list of things that make me happy. It was mainly to cheer me up really but I hope it brings some joy to others too 🙂 Happy Friday! Rainbows Doggies Ducks Squishy noses Freshly … Continue reading Happy Thoughts

Being naked in front of your children…

…do you find it weird or perfectly normal? I read a post from ‘This Morning’ on Facebook today regarding a police officer who had secretly filmed a lady sunbathing naked in her garden. She was accompanied by her three daughters who were 18, 15 and 8, they were sunbathing in bikinis. I mention this only to set the scene in order to get to my point today. Although the secret filming is of course a rather big invasion of privacy I was more perturbed by the comment from one person in particular who said it was ‘wrong’ for the lady … Continue reading Being naked in front of your children…