Road Rage!

  Let me introduce you to the National Speed Limit sign…..   You’ve probably all seen them and if you’re a driver you’ve definitely seen them. I hope… Everyone who has a valid driving license and drives on the roads regularly knows what this means, or at least you should know what this means. Let’s have a re-cap just in case! The white circular sign with a black diagonal line on a single carriage way means the speed limit is 60 mph. Not 35 mph, not 50 mph and not 70 mph. The white circular sign with a black diagonal … Continue reading Road Rage!

Day out in Chester!

I’ve never known much about Chester, other than it being where Hollyoaks is filmed. I was headed there for the day with two of my awesome lady friends so we could meet up with our other awesome lady friend, who happens to live out that way! In the past if I’d planned to visit somewhere I would research the life out of it. I want to know where to go, what to do and I want it planned, military style. This hasn’t always served me too well in the past thought as it tends to create stress and migraines when … Continue reading Day out in Chester!