Our Summer

(and when I say ‘Our Summer’ I mean ‘My Summer’ because we all know that if Chris and Christopher were left to sort it we would be doing nothing… or maybe we’d be playing Fortnite, eating cheese and drinking tea…) Last year I was rubbish with the Summer planning, I thought we could wing it and be spontaneous with our Summer days… I was wrong. I’m fairly sure that the weather wasn’t up to much last year but please correct me if I’m wrong. This year is going to be awesome! We have lots of little day trips planned and … Continue reading Our Summer

“What’s your USP?”…

  In my very early days of serious blogging I was chatting to a lady about my blog and she asked to see it. I gave her my site address and she had a quick look. She asked me, “What’s your USP?” USP wasn’t a term I was familiar with so I drew a blank. “Your unique selling point. What is it?” “Oh well, I don’t know. Me, I suppose” Well apparently that wasn’t a good enough answer for this lady who actually had no influence on me or my blog… To be perfectly honest though I think it was … Continue reading “What’s your USP?”…

Northumberland Day Three

Our third and final day. Seahouses was on the agenda today. My Uncle John and Aunty Janet were up this way for a short break so we called to see them. A visit to Seahouses wouldn’t be complete without some delicious fish and chips. We usually get ours from the main restaurant near the roundabout but we opted for Lewis’ this time, just around the corner from the National Trust shop. They were unbelievable, definitely in my top five of fish and chips and the staff were really friendly too. We spent a couple of hours with my Uncle and … Continue reading Northumberland Day Three

Northumberland Day Two

It just so happened that our weekend away fell on the same weekend as my boyfriend’s Mum’s birthday and she happened to be with us. It was therefore only fitting that we should eat cake… Let there be so much cake! The Corner House Cafe is most definitely the place you need to go for that much needed afternoon tea fix if you’re in the Berwick-Upon-Tweed area. The scones here are Mary-Berry-worthy and you get so much of everything! With scones, sandwiches, quiche and cakes there was too much for one sitting, so we had it packed up and took … Continue reading Northumberland Day Two

Do you even meal plan?

Meal plans are nothing new, if you Googled them right now you’d get over 23 million results, 23 million! So there’s plenty out there to look at. Families have had set days for specific meals for years, it’s an excellent time and money saver., as it eliminates this kind of situation… “So what do you fancy for tea”? “I don’t know what do you fancy?” “I don’t know, what do we have?” Spend 15 minutes browsing the fridge, freezer, cupboards before settling on beans on toast or a takeaway… I have no issues with either of those options, I love … Continue reading Do you even meal plan?

Being naked in front of your children…

…do you find it weird or perfectly normal? I read a post from ‘This Morning’ on Facebook today regarding a police officer who had secretly filmed a lady sunbathing naked in her garden. She was accompanied by her three daughters who were 18, 15 and 8, they were sunbathing in bikinis. I mention this only to set the scene in order to get to my point today. Although the secret filming is of course a rather big invasion of privacy I was more perturbed by the comment from one person in particular who said it was ‘wrong’ for the lady … Continue reading Being naked in front of your children…

Prince of Wales Park

Alongside some garages near our house there is a public footpath which leads you up on to Gilstead Moor. We first discovered this trail when we moved here nearly two years ago. It’s a short walk to a beautiful view of Bingley and beyond. You can see all across the top of St.Ives and all the way down the valley past Keighley and towards Skipton. If you carry along over the tops it eventually brings you out at Parkside. If you cross over here you can enter the magical wonderland of The Prince of Wales Park. I didn’t even know … Continue reading Prince of Wales Park