That’s your advice? Really…?

I see these really annoying posts all of the time on social media, generally Facebook. They are sponsored posts usually advertising to me because a friend of mine likes their page… Well, I haven’t liked your page so I don’t want to see your stupid article… anyway, the ones that really rile me are usually along the lines of… ‘10 reasons why your relationship is failing‘. ‘10 ways to stop your relationship from failing‘. ‘Follow these 10 simple rules to save your failing relationship‘. Right, I get it, the relationship market is a big seller, nobody wants to be alone, … Continue reading That’s your advice? Really…?

Make do and mend

If the heel falls off a pair of shoes or you get a hole in your jumper, trousers etc what do you do? Do you just throw it away and go buy a new one? If something stops working in the exact way it should but is actually still use-able do you get rid or just make do? My boyfriends computer chair has odd arms, it’s also supposed to vibrate, warm up and massage you. One of our rats decided that the wires looked rather tasty and they chomped through them, leaving the ultimate chill out chair to just be … Continue reading Make do and mend