Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It is illegal to use, possess or sell ‘silly string’ in Hollywood on Halloween. A full moon on Halloween is actually quite rare. The last one was 2020, before that it was 2001 and the next one won’t be until 2039. Halloween is believed to date back as far as medieval times when children and poor adults would dress up and beg for food and money in exchange for songs and prayers. Back then it was known as ‘guising’ or ‘souling’. Trick or treating lost its popularity throughout WWII when sugar was rationed. By 1952 cartoons such as … Continue reading Happy Halloween

What’s your favourite scary movie?

“You hang up on me again and I’ll gut you like a fish” – Scream, 1996. These aren’t in any particular order, these are just some of my favourites and also suggestions for you to watch this Halloween. A Nightmare on Elm Street – ‘One, two Freddy’s coming for you’… A horrifying man with knives for fingers, terrorising the dreams of teenagers. Who doesn’t love a bit of Krueger?  I think my favourite is ‘The Dream Master’, but any of them will do. Hell Raiser – I remember watching this with a friend when I was about 12, it was … Continue reading What’s your favourite scary movie?

Just paint red things

I keep promising myself that I will post to my blog in a more structured fashion, unfortunately life just gets in the way! It’s been a mixed bag of a weekend (well two weekends! I really need to get organised) so I’m going to squish everything in together. I’ve managed to get three of my blog list ticked off! There was ‘draw only red things’, in fact it said to draw only red things all day…because I have all day to just draw…then there was ‘illustrating my shopping list’. As you can probably tell my heart’s not in many of … Continue reading Just paint red things

And all that jazz!

Well, well, well… it’s been a busy couple of weeks. My poor little poorly baby was struck down with an evil ear infection, which resulted in both ear drums being perforated! (Ouch) Not content with that, he then fancied a quick trip to A&E after having an asthma attack! A full recovery has been made now though and he’s taken to appearing in doorways, scaring the crap out me!   Here he is all ready for Halloween! I’ve felt mentally rejuvenated this last week or so, I’ve felt as though things are getting done, everything is getting on the right … Continue reading And all that jazz!