The Brontës

Haworth is a beautiful, historic village nestled in to the outskirts of the Pennines. It is famous for its cobbled streets, olde world sweet shop, apothecary and of course it was the home of The Brontës from 1820 until 1861. The Brontë sisters, and their brother, were born in Thornton village, just along the road from where I grew up. This is where my love of the Brontës and Haworth stems from. I feel a connection with them and Brontë Country because to me they are of great importance, their history, and the imprint they have made on the world. … Continue reading The Brontës

Our Railway Children Walk

“Daddy, my daddy!” If you’ve seen The Railway Children then those words are likely to have you sobbing your heart out and if they don’t then you’re probably dead in side. I’ve definitely watched the film more times as an adults and certainly appreciate it more now too. My sons Grandparents lived in Oakworth and so my son always wanted to watch it when he was little, excited by the fact that parts of it were filmed within walking distance of his Nana and Grandad’s house. I’ve spent a lot of time in Haworth and in a literary sense it … Continue reading Our Railway Children Walk

Some walking, a steam train and the 1940’s

Some people are filled with dread when they hear the words “The in-laws are coming to stay” For me it’s the complete opposite. I adore Chris’ Mum. She is wonderful, we get on, we have a laugh and I really enjoy her company. So on the rare occasion that we do get to spend time together it’s awesome! We spent a wonderful relaxing weekend, eating yummy things, drinking prosecco, watching Criminal Minds, Doctor Who. We even found time to go exploring through Bingley woods, along the canal and back along the river. We met herons, ducks, geese, bunnies cows and … Continue reading Some walking, a steam train and the 1940’s