Interview attire

Check out my guide to interviews Interviews aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days when it was all white shirts and black trousers. I don’t own a white shirt because I have no use for them, I … Continue reading Interview attire

Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)

Art by PMW Paul is very much the Benedict Cumberbatch of the art world. Not conventionally good looking but there’s something strangely alluring about him… I stumbled across Paul completely by accident about a year ago. He made a hilarious comment in regards to something that Radio 2 had posted and I thought, “Well this guy is obviously going places one day, lets check out who he is” And that is how I inadvertently found his art page. Sounds a bit stalkery, probably is, but I’m helping to promote him so he can’t really complain. More recently I made an … Continue reading Interview with the artist..(they’re like vampires right?)

Budget Mum’s to the rescue!

Clare Curran created Budget Mum’s because she knows that there’s more to life than having to worry about what to cook for tea or how to enjoy the school holidays without breaking the bank. Let me set the scene for you… It’s the school holidays (again) and you realise that in among the drama that is your life you have completely forgotten to plan things to occupy your little darling angels. Instead of forking out extortionate amounts of money on days out and McDonald’s bribes then why not check out what Budget Mum’s has for you instead 🙂 Clare’s website, … Continue reading Budget Mum’s to the rescue!

Buck It!

Who needs a drum kit, right? You know when you’re a toddler and your Mum gives you a wooden spoon and a pan to play with? Well here we have two Aussie beauties that, thankfully, never developed passed that stage and are now making some pretty phenomenal sounding music using buckets (of course), pots, tubs, bins, anything you can take a drumstick to really! Todd and Gary, both from Australia, began their street drumming days in Berlin. They were both loners to begin with before the powers that be could keep them apart no more. Before they knew it ‘Buck It’ … Continue reading Buck It!

A couple of words with author C.S. Evans – She’s a bit odd…

Clair Evans, author of ‘The Soul Conductor’; a fantasy novel with some beautifully created characters and a gripping story-line that has the perfect mix of satisfaction and still leaving you wanting more. Clair has also published several short stories with the e-book publishers ‘Cafe Three Zero’ The sequel to her debut novel is on hold for the moment whilst Clair focuses on a slightly different route. She is currently interested in all kinds of things that go bump in the night (or day) and spends her time researching for ‘Paranormally Curious’ who will be publishing a book later this year* filled with personal … Continue reading A couple of words with author C.S. Evans – She’s a bit odd…

Who’s That Girl? It’s Leila Kotori!

Leila Kotori, Leila Kotori, Leila Kotori. Have I said it enough times? Just once more…Leila Kotori. It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? And so it should! This girl is set for stardom. Ready to take the world by storm. Leila started performing at a young age, acting and dancing. She decided she was going to be an actress, she wanted fame, fortune and everything that came with it. Unfortunately the dreaded teenage doubts kicked in and she thought maybe she needed to get a “proper job”. Leila’s dream of becoming an actress was pushed to the back of … Continue reading Who’s That Girl? It’s Leila Kotori!

Interview with A.J.Seage – Author of ‘The Lake of Fire’ series.

The Lake of Fire series follows the story of a woman named Rose whose parents are killed in a car accident which she survived. This terrifying tale unfolds across three books, The Lake of Fire, Satan’s House and Limbo of the Infants. Each book is packed with the paranormal, the supernatural, satanic worship and a story-line that keeps you guessing. Prepare to be scared, if you love a good horror then these books are for you. The imagery that exudes from the writing is incredible and only adds to the terror. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to throw … Continue reading Interview with A.J.Seage – Author of ‘The Lake of Fire’ series.