The inner child

I’m not sure that I’m qualified to say what I was like as a child. I think I was a pretty awesome little kid. Maybe I was a tiny bit stubborn and potentially had anger issues but I know for a fact that I was hilarious and entertaining. My view of me as a child is probably slightly skewed as I just remember the nice, crazy fun parts. Endless summers, strawberries, sticky buns, mess and laughter. I don’t ever remember thinking, “What am I like?” “What is this life?” “Why am I mixing talcum powder and cucumber in this pestle … Continue reading The inner child

Thanks for the memories

I’ve had this huge memorabilia box for years. It’s moved with me to every house I’ve lived in for the past 15 years, continuously filling it with things, things that I haven’t looked at for months, even years at a time. Why though? Why am I holding on to these things? What purpose do they serve? I can’t even give you a valid reason for keeping them. Therefore there is no good reason to keep them. I remember an episode of ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ where her Aunts were clearing out the loft, I think, and they were arguing about … Continue reading Thanks for the memories

Moved to the music

Music is majorly important to me, I will always have some sort of music on whatever I’m doing. I’ll have the radio playing downstairs, my iPod on upstairs and something playing on my phone as I carry it around with me. It’s comforting and soothing. It picks me up, it helps me relax and sometimes with the right piece of music it can transport you off somewhere else. I have been practicing meditation more frequently and I think it’s starting to open up certain areas of my brain that have been neglected for years. There’s a creativity in there that … Continue reading Moved to the music


        The liquid skin that covers my face shows ripples across the water and mirrors the marks of time, Faded is the smile that once dominated your life, replaced by constant lines that only grew more prominent. Each day brings brand new terrors, each more horrifying than the last, a turmoil that has now become life, Once where there was laughter, hope and plans for the future, lies, despair, disarray and fear. The discarded memories strewn all around, too sentimental to give away, too painful to look at, blanketed by a layer of dust. No worried souls … Continue reading Hopeless

What’s that smell?

The power of a scent, fragrance or aroma is incredible to me. It can make you recoil in horror, make you feel happy and warm and it can recall upon memories that you didn’t even know you had. The smell of bacon wafting through the house reminds me of Sunday mornings when I was a child. My Mum would be in the kitchen, singing, cooking breakfast. My Dad would be in the front room listening to some awesome music, 10CC, Creedence Clearwater Revival…and my brother and I would be wandering around being cute. Moth balls. Admittedly these do not have … Continue reading What’s that smell?