Who Is Holly Matthews?

Holly Matthews is an actress, blogger, vlogger, Mumpreneur, self-confessed hustler and all around good guy. Although Holly’s job title may have changed many times she was first employed as an actress at the tender age of 11. She starred in … Continue reading Who Is Holly Matthews?

We’ve got your back!

     You’re browsing through Facebook or Instagram and you come across someone and think  ‘Why do they have everything and I don’t?’ They don’t have everything. I promise. It’s just not possible. (Unless they are The Queen… are they The Queen?) Your life will never be perfect. Now I’m not saying you’ll never be happy, of course you will. Things will never just be an easy ride though. Sooner or later there will be a blip. A small blip or a big blip but a blip nonetheless. You have to accept that as being part of life. That person … Continue reading We’ve got your back!

Holy Island

Following on from our trip to Sunderland to scatter my Nana’s ashes, my Mum, Christopher and I carried on with our travels up to Scremerston. If you’ve never been to Northumberland then I suggest that you get your little tush there right now. It’s beautiful and there’s a definite sweet scent of magic in the air as soon as you cross that border. The air is clean and fresh. The views are beautiful and breath-taking and there’s a castle for every day of the year…okay so there’s not quite enough for every day of the year but there are lots … Continue reading Holy Island

Nana Cora

My beautiful Mum asked me if I would drive her up to Sunderland one weekend to scatter My Nana’s, her Mum’s ashes. Of course, after all she couldn’t drive herself, I’ve stolen her car 🙂 Now this request was made around eight months ago, so I assumed that my Mum had researched the scattering of ashes at the Garden of Remembrance in Sunderland, which is around an hour and half drive away from home. The journey up there was uneventful. We arrived at the crematorium at lunch time. It was Saturday so it was fairly quiet. I thought I should … Continue reading Nana Cora


  If you know me, I mean really, really know me, you will know that I have always been prone to having slight anger issues, temper tantrums if you will. The slightest thing could set me off and it was always genuinely uncontrollable. Until recently I actually thought that I was just a miserable sod, an angry little dwarf as my friend Hayley once referred to me as. Well I’m neither of those things, I’m actually a really happy person, especially if I happen to see a doggy! I have discovered that my anxiety is to blame for my many … Continue reading Angry!!!

What if…

        Have I spoken to you today? Yesterday? Last week, month, year? Ever? If so, do you even remember the conversation we had? Because I probably will. I won’t remember every conversation and definitely not every word. I’m not Sheldon Cooper. I over analyse all of the interactions I have throughout the day. I stress about them for hours after I’ve had them. I run through the conversations I had with the shop keeper, a fellow driver, the postman, the list goes on. I will pick apart every line until I have made myself out to be … Continue reading What if…