Just a quick one…

I’m not going to lie I am totally unprepared for this weeks blog… hence why it’s being posted so late… I’ve been away this weekend and so Friday was a mad rush to get my vlog and song posted, plus … Continue reading Just a quick one…

Northumberland Day Three

Our third and final day. Seahouses was on the agenda today. My Uncle John and Aunty Janet were up this way for a short break so we called to see them. A visit to Seahouses wouldn’t be complete without some delicious fish and chips. We usually get ours from the main restaurant near the roundabout but we opted for Lewis’ this time, just around the corner from the National Trust shop. They were unbelievable, definitely in my top five of fish and chips and the staff were really friendly too. We spent a couple of hours with my Uncle and … Continue reading Northumberland Day Three

Northumberland: Day One

It’s always a treat to Visit Northumberland, there’s a feeling of relaxation as you make your way further North. It’s serene, calm. The air is clear and you could be forgiven for thinking that could actually run in to a dragon at any given moment. My Mum has a cottage in a small village just outside Berwick- Upon-Tweed and so I get to visit this incredible place at least once a year and it never gets old. There are beautiful fossil filled beaches, craggy coastlines and more castles than you can shake a stick at. Our plan for this weekend … Continue reading Northumberland: Day One

Did you know… Holy Island

Northumberland is one of my most favourite places on our Earth. One of the best things to do there is to visit Holy Island, so I thought I would do a little ‘Did You Know’ for you all! Holy Island can only be accessed during low tide via the causeway. There are only around 180 people permanently living on the island but around 650,000 people visit every year. In ancient times the island was known by its Latin name,┬áInsula Medicata, meaning ‘healing island’, possibly due to the medicinal herbs that grew there. Holy Island is the final destination of the … Continue reading Did you know… Holy Island