Once again with feeling…but next time maybe a little less of the feeling. It hurts.

I know it might sound as though I’m repeating myself but some people are just still not getting it. Also, I apologise for the shouting but some people in the back can’t hear me… A MIGRAINE IS NOT A HEADACHE! … Continue reading Once again with feeling…but next time maybe a little less of the feeling. It hurts.

It’s not a f**king headache!

    Right. I want to get one thing straight. A migraine is NOT a headache. I know, I sound like a broken record but I won’t shut up until this is common knowledge. A migraine is a neurological disorder and a headache is just one of the many symptoms which may occur during a migraine attack. It’s like when you have a cold, a symptom of that cold may well be a runny nose but a runny nose is not a cold. So, can we please stop thinking of migraines as headaches. A migraine can consist of many symptoms; … Continue reading It’s not a f**king headache!

Love is unconditional…

…relationships are not.   I would definitely not consider myself to be a conformist; Abide by the rules? Yes. Conformist? Never. I was never the girl who fantasised about getting married. I didn’t plan my kids names and I certainly didn’t dream about a ‘Knight in shining armour’ coming to sweep me off my feet. I didn’t give it a second thought when people would talk about their future husband and the perfect wedding that they would have, I just assumed that eventually I would get excited about these things. I didn’t. Planning a wedding does not fill me with … Continue reading Love is unconditional…

Just harpoon me through the head…

      If I don’t have access to some Migraleve, a cozy bed, a dark room and a wet flannel when I get a migraine then I will very quickly turn in to a gibbering mess. I can’t talk to you because every word I utter shoots immense pain through my skull and I’ll probably throw up on you. So please forgive me if I seem rude, I’m just trying to save you. Here are a few of the wonderful symptoms you may experience when you have a migraine…   Feeling like your brain is trying to escape. Vomitting. … Continue reading Just harpoon me through the head…


        The liquid skin that covers my face shows ripples across the water and mirrors the marks of time, Faded is the smile that once dominated your life, replaced by constant lines that only grew more prominent. Each day brings brand new terrors, each more horrifying than the last, a turmoil that has now become life, Once where there was laughter, hope and plans for the future, lies, despair, disarray and fear. The discarded memories strewn all around, too sentimental to give away, too painful to look at, blanketed by a layer of dust. No worried souls … Continue reading Hopeless

Things I Wish I’d Known When I was 16

    I have had discussions with my son in the past about things that he wasn’t allowed to do. Whether that be playing further away from the house when he was little, staying up late, drinking fizzy drinks or eating sweets that will eventually rot his teeth.  At first, when he was little, he listened and most of the time he did as he was told because I’m his Mum and at that age, to him, I knew best. Then as he got older he started to think for himself and develop his own idea of what was good … Continue reading Things I Wish I’d Known When I was 16


  If you know me, I mean really, really know me, you will know that I have always been prone to having slight anger issues, temper tantrums if you will. The slightest thing could set me off and it was always genuinely uncontrollable. Until recently I actually thought that I was just a miserable sod, an angry little dwarf as my friend Hayley once referred to me as. Well I’m neither of those things, I’m actually a really happy person, especially if I happen to see a doggy! I have discovered that my anxiety is to blame for my many … Continue reading Angry!!!