Reduce, re-use, recycle: Handy tips for a healthier future.

I would absolutely love being one of those environmentalist, tree dwellers, living off the land, up-cycling bits of old furniture, no waste etc. No stress, no fuss. However lets get real, it’s not happening anytime soon and I’m pretty sure … Continue reading Reduce, re-use, recycle: Handy tips for a healthier future.

Make do and mend

If the heel falls off a pair of shoes or you get a hole in your jumper, trousers etc what do you do? Do you just throw it away and go buy a new one? If something stops working in the exact way it should but is actually still use-able do you get rid or just make do? My boyfriends computer chair has odd arms, it’s also supposed to vibrate, warm up and massage you. One of our rats decided that the wires looked rather tasty and they chomped through them, leaving the ultimate chill out chair to just be … Continue reading Make do and mend

Budget Mum’s to the rescue!

Clare Curran created Budget Mum’s because she knows that there’s more to life than having to worry about what to cook for tea or how to enjoy the school holidays without breaking the bank. Let me set the scene for you… It’s the school holidays (again) and you realise that in among the drama that is your life you have completely forgotten to plan things to occupy your little darling angels. Instead of forking out extortionate amounts of money on days out and McDonald’s bribes then why not check out what Budget Mum’s has for you instead 🙂 Clare’s website, … Continue reading Budget Mum’s to the rescue!