What’s your favourite scary movie?

“You hang up on me again and I’ll gut you like a fish” – Scream, 1996. These aren’t in any particular order, these are just some of my favourites and also suggestions for you to watch this Halloween. A Nightmare on Elm Street – ‘One, two Freddy’s coming for you’… A horrifying man with knives for fingers, terrorising the dreams of teenagers. Who doesn’t love a bit of Krueger?  I think my favourite is ‘The Dream Master’, but any of them will do. Hell Raiser – I remember watching this with a friend when I was about 12, it was … Continue reading What’s your favourite scary movie?

Paranormal Investigation – Hames House

If you’ve ever been to my house you’ve probably been regaled with the story of Mr. Ackroyd. Mr Ackroyd and his wife lived at Kirkfield before we moved there in 1983. Mr Ackroyd passed away sometime around 1980, we think, apparently he had a heart attack in the front garden of the property. And ever since we have lived there he has been the resident ghost… We don’t know much about the house previous to the Ackroyds living there, other than it was built in 1910 as a Doctors surgery and we assume Mr Ackroyd and his wife lived there … Continue reading Paranormal Investigation – Hames House

The canal is my friend…so what.

  I wouldn’t ordinarily be on the canal in the dark because it is a rather scary place, however on this particular day I had walked in to Shipley and didn’t take in to account that it would be getting dark by the time I walked home…   But! I was brave and I didn’t die…yay! So I apologise for the very picture heavy post but I feel that my experience of the scary canal at dusk should be shared with you people and has nothing to do with the fact that I have had zero time to actually write … Continue reading The canal is my friend…so what.

I had a dream…

    We all dream, whether or not we remember our dreams is a different matter. I always assumed that everyone had weird, f**ked up dreams. I’ve never had a dream that was just normal. Something bizarre, terrifying or just weird usually happens. I only started thinking about it when I heard someone refer to their dream as weird because in it they owned a cat… Well funnily enough I did dream last night that we had a cat, only this cat could talk and it told me about the flies I had living in my pen…I mean a pen … Continue reading I had a dream…

They all float…

Pennywise and I go way back. Alongside Freddy Krueger, Pennywise traumatised me in my nightmares and left me with a lifelong fear of clowns. I was first introduced to ‘It’ on holiday in Florida with my parents and brother. This would have been in 1990, when ‘It’ was first shown on television in the US. I was seven, seven years old and watching a horror film about a psychotic clown feeding off the fears of children. At least I have some explanation as to why my mind is so wonderfully messed up. For anyone who doesn’t know, Pennywise is a … Continue reading They all float…

How To Survive…Zombies

    Here is my collection of survival tips from the people who were there, eye-witness accounts from the survivors… “You weren’t there man!” This blog post actually incited a panic attack…so enjoy.   Get lots and lots of stabby weapons… Acquire a big, giant off-road vehicle, suitable for driving over corpses. Kill the people who suggest going to police stations, hospitals etc. These people will only continue to make stupid suggestions. They’re better off dead now. Or keep them around to kill later for food. Ditch the friends you have now and replace them with people like Ray Mears … Continue reading How To Survive…Zombies

Interview with A.J.Seage – Author of ‘The Lake of Fire’ series.

The Lake of Fire series follows the story of a woman named Rose whose parents are killed in a car accident which she survived. This terrifying tale unfolds across three books, The Lake of Fire, Satan’s House and Limbo of the Infants. Each book is packed with the paranormal, the supernatural, satanic worship and a story-line that keeps you guessing. Prepare to be scared, if you love a good horror then these books are for you. The imagery that exudes from the writing is incredible and only adds to the terror. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to throw … Continue reading Interview with A.J.Seage – Author of ‘The Lake of Fire’ series.

And all that jazz!

Well, well, well… it’s been a busy couple of weeks. My poor little poorly baby was struck down with an evil ear infection, which resulted in both ear drums being perforated! (Ouch) Not content with that, he then fancied a quick trip to A&E after having an asthma attack! A full recovery has been made now though and he’s taken to appearing in doorways, scaring the crap out me!   Here he is all ready for Halloween! I’ve felt mentally rejuvenated this last week or so, I’ve felt as though things are getting done, everything is getting on the right … Continue reading And all that jazz!