Well hello Mr.Universe

    I woke up on Saturday morning with the idea of Reiki flowing around my head. Of course I have heard of Reiki and knew a little bit about it but I wanted to find out more. I headed to Facebook, where I get all of my information these days, and asked who knew what. I was presented with some lovely people, who I spoke to, some quite in depth about Reiki and what it is and how, where and why it is used. I was told there was a Festival of Spirit taking place in Colne the following … Continue reading Well hello Mr.Universe

Road Rage!

  Let me introduce you to the National Speed Limit sign…..   You’ve probably all seen them and if you’re a driver you’ve definitely seen them. I hope… Everyone who has a valid driving license and drives on the roads regularly knows what this means, or at least you should know what this means. Let’s have a re-cap just in case! The white circular sign with a black diagonal line on a single carriage way means the speed limit is 60 mph. Not 35 mph, not 50 mph and not 70 mph. The white circular sign with a black diagonal … Continue reading Road Rage!