Multitasking…no thanks

      When I think of multitasking I immediately think of a woman sitting at her desk; (I found her ⇑) she’s on the phone to an important client who needs this, that and the other done ASAP, she’s also taking down notes about the call or checking something on her computer, which then leads her to check something else unrelated whilst still on the call. She has a half eaten salad, because lets face it she’s not eating carbs, she’s on the no dairy, no sugar, no fat, no fun diet and she has an afternoon spin class, … Continue reading Multitasking…no thanks

The positive side of anxiety

  This blog post is actually making me slightly anxious as I feel that by writing it I’m setting myself up for a fall. However I write this in jest, I know anxiety isn’t funny. I can’t think of a single time I’ve woken up panicking in the middle of night shouting “Yay! Another panic attack, for absolutely no reason what-so-ever!” but it’s always good to make light of a situation or at least try to. So here is my list of 6 positives to suffering from anxiety. I am less likely to get burgled because I triple check windows and … Continue reading The positive side of anxiety

Introvert or Anxiety Disorder?

I was reading a list of traits of an introvert and was asked to rank them in order of importance to me. As I read through the list I realised I had a scenario for nearly every item. Most of these scenarios were insane yet completely plausible to me. So…here goes, here are some of the things from the list. Parties full of strangers – This freaks me out, I hate making small talk. Not because I’m rude or boring, I’m quite pleasant and I’m freaking awesome.However I will stumble over my words, inadvertently call you fat, start talking about … Continue reading Introvert or Anxiety Disorder?