Vagina, vagina, vagina… cervix, cervix, cervix… period, period, period.

*Warning. This blog post includes words like; vagina, cervix, and discharge… I get the impression that some people have issues with these words. So… sorry, not sorry. In June I went for my smear test, nothing out of the ordinary, … Continue reading Vagina, vagina, vagina… cervix, cervix, cervix… period, period, period.

The lone wolf…

    I just don’t do well in groups. I’m not saying I don’t work well in groups, I can work efficiently in a group, I just don’t thrive in that environment. On my own I am the idea lady, I can plan, strategise and organise until the cows come home but stick me in a group of women and I may as well be dribbling in the corner. There will always be someone clawing their way in, fighting to be seen, constantly talking over everyone and they have an incessant need to be in the limelight, constantly. Now, I … Continue reading The lone wolf…

Role Models

Do we choose our role models or do our role models choose us? Is there something in our sub-conscious mind that seeks out a certain kind of person? Is it already predetermined that we are going to be a specific type of person or are our behaviours and connections learned early on? Do we already know who we are on a subconscious level, we just don’t “know” it yet? There are obviously reasons why we are drawn to specific people. The way they dress, or portray themselves, their jewellery, mannerisms, make-up. Something about them triggers something in you and you … Continue reading Role Models

We’ve got your back!

     You’re browsing through Facebook or Instagram and you come across someone and think  ‘Why do they have everything and I don’t?’ They don’t have everything. I promise. It’s just not possible. (Unless they are The Queen… are they The Queen?) Your life will never be perfect. Now I’m not saying you’ll never be happy, of course you will. Things will never just be an easy ride though. Sooner or later there will be a blip. A small blip or a big blip but a blip nonetheless. You have to accept that as being part of life. That person … Continue reading We’ve got your back!

Stop being ashamed, period.

  I am a girl and I have periods! There I said it. It’s not shameful, it’s not disgusting. It’s perfectly natural and we shouldn’t be afraid to openly discuss them with other women and men. When it comes round to that time of the month for me I am a mess. I get three day migraines, leg pains, cramps, bloating, I’m as a hot as a furnace, moody, really angry, paranoid. The list goes on… It’s a total nightmare. One thing I never have to worry about though is having access to sanitary items. I never give it a … Continue reading Stop being ashamed, period.

Passive aggressive? Moi?

Here we have a nice little gathering of all of the things we find so endearing about our men folk. Thanks to the ladies who cared to share their input. I’m sure there will be further opportunity in the future as there’s plenty more where these came from 😀   10. If you shave your beard of six months in to the sink, your beardy man hair will clog said sink. 9. If you wash a dirty, oily oven tray in the clean soapy water before everything else, then everything else will become dirty and oily… 8. Why, for the … Continue reading Passive aggressive? Moi?