Bush-Craft Survival Day (aka Zombie prep)

As part of my new “get yourself out there and do stuff” attitude, I booked myself on to a Bush-Craft Survival course with Yorkshire Dales Bush-Craft. This one in particular took place in Skipton Woods, which, to be honest, is an incredible place to have a wander around in just for the sake of it. But! Today was all about surviving. Now I know that one day, maybe not too far in the future, we will be faced with the zombie apocalypse. And I am preparing myself for this undeniable event. I have noticed recently that the people I have … Continue reading Bush-Craft Survival Day (aka Zombie prep)

“Of course I run, it’s good zombie training”

Some of you may laugh but I’ll be ready when they come.  “Rule #1 Cardio” I am not and never will be, a gym bunny. My 2018 will not be starting off with false promises of gym membership and how I’m going to be there before work, after work and all weekend. I think I’ve been in a gym once in my adult life and I don’t intend on going back. Everyone is judgy and I haven’t the foggiest about what to actually do in there. Plus you have to pay! You have to hand over money to be judged … Continue reading “Of course I run, it’s good zombie training”

How To Survive…Zombies

    Here is my collection of survival tips from the people who were there, eye-witness accounts from the survivors… “You weren’t there man!” This blog post actually incited a panic attack…so enjoy.   Get lots and lots of stabby weapons… Acquire a big, giant off-road vehicle, suitable for driving over corpses. Kill the people who suggest going to police stations, hospitals etc. These people will only continue to make stupid suggestions. They’re better off dead now. Or keep them around to kill later for food. Ditch the friends you have now and replace them with people like Ray Mears … Continue reading How To Survive…Zombies